Zelle Network User Service Agreement

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Subject to the terms of this Service Agreement, the Services are generally available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week, with the exception of maintenance failures and circumstances beyond the control of Zelle and the network`s financial institutions. Live customer service is generally available seven (7) days a week, except on holidays in the United States. Please check the cell site for exact customer service times. All money transfers to you will be made by a network bank at the request of that network bank customer and at any time subject to the terms of the relevant service agreement between that network bank and its customer, including but not limited to restrictions or prohibitions on permitted transactions. Once a customer of the network bank initiates a money transfer to an email address or mobile phone number registered in the network directory, you have no way to stop it. By using the Service, you agree and authorize our banks in the network to initiate credits to the bank account you have registered with clearXchange. Credits to your account and the transmission and issuance of data in connection with such entries will be processed in accordance with the terms of this Service Agreement and the rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association (“NACHA”) and the relevant automated clearing house (“ACH Operator”) (collectively, the “Rules”), and you, us and the network banks agree to be bound by these Rules. c. Zelle requires that you use an email address or ONE U.S. mobile phone number as your username to access it and that you set a password that meets the security requirements described on our website.

If you have registered for the Service using your online banking username and password to link your account with a networked financial institution to your cellular profile, when you send money to another user, ask for money from another user, or when another user asks you for money, everyone will be listed in both the activity log of the cellular mobile app and the activity log of your financial institution`s online or mobile phone. s. Application. As a user who registers with a bank account with a financial institution in the network, the financial institution in the network may ask you to link your cellular profile to your bank account by registering in the Cell mobile app using your financial institution`s online banking username and access code. You understand that by entering your online banking username and password, you consent to your financial institution sharing your account information with us in order to allow us to access one of your bank accounts with that network financial institution authorized to use the Service (as determined by the Network Financial Institution). the account balances of each of these accounts and your email addresses stored by the financial institution in the network. This information is used by Zelle to register you for the Service and to facilitate payment transactions each time you use the Service to send or request money from another user. IF YOU DO NOT CONSENT TO ZELLE ACCESSING THIS INFORMATION, YOU SHOULD NOT REGISTER FOR THE CELL MOBILE APPLICATION, BUT ACCESS THE SERVICE THROUGH THE ONLINE OR MOBILE APPLICATION OF THE NETWORK`S FINANCIAL INSTITUTION. .