Surface Use Agreement Oklahoma

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The amounts awarded range from $7500 to $50,000. The latter allocation occurred when it was demonstrated that the operator had improperly damaged the surface owner`s property. In general, the courts have awarded higher damages than the appraisers. * Watch for old abandoned devices or possible contamination issues. If such problems exist, it could be a starting point for a debate on the need for protection for surface use. If a surface owner is concerned about contamination or safety issues, he or she has the right to go to the Texas Railroad Commission to request an investigation/assessment of the situation. In this knowledge, an oil tanker and a Gaspé may be more willing to cooperate with a surface owner if these problems arise in order to avoid DRR`s involvement. According to statistics from the Independent Petroleum Producers of America (IAPA), drilling and equipping an oil drill in Oklahoma and $444,000 in New Mexico costs about $468,000. It costs about $650,000 to drill a gas well in Oklahoma and $583,000 in New Mexico. Not only is it cheaper to drill and equip drilling in New Mexico than in Oklahoma, the average drilling in New Mexico produces more oil or gas than drilling in Oklahoma. As a result, New Mexico producers earn more per well.

Producers in Oklahoma can afford to compensate surface owners, as well as producers in New Mexico and other countries. Be respectful and realistic. Since oil and gas companies are not required to sign a surface use agreement, surface owners are not in a good negotiating position.