Sponsorship Agreement Traduction Francais

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The television industry`s lax product placement legislation has led to an increase, but increasing, in sponsorship of television programmes in the UK. However, the commercial sponsorship of British sports teams and players is a multi-billion pound industry. For example, in 2014, Adidas was a sponsor and supplier of the Manchester United shirt for ten seasons in a sponsorship deal with a minimum guaranteed value of £750 million (over $1.1 billion). [9] While the sponsor (sponsored property) can be non-profit, unlike philanthropy, sponsorship is done with the expectation of a commercial return. Any sponsorship should be based on contractual obligations between the sponsor and the sponsored party. Sponsors and sponsored parties should establish clear conditions with all other relevant partners to define their expectations regarding all aspects of the sponsorship agreement. Sponsorship should be recognizable as such. One of the most common discoveries in sponsorship is that the best effects are obtained if there is a logical correspondence between sponsors and sponsors, for example. B when a sports brand sponsors a sporting event. However, the work of Cornwell and colleagues[3] has shown that brands that do not have a logical match, at least in terms of memory effects, can still benefit from the explanation of public sponsorship. A number of psychological and communication theories have been used to explain how commercial sponsorship works to influence consumer audiences. Most of them use the idea that a brand (sponsor) and an event (sponsor) are connected in memory by sponsorship and that, therefore, brand thinking can trigger event-related associations.

Cornwell, Weeks and Roy (2005) [2] published a detailed overview of the theories used so far to explain the commercial effects of sponsorship. The conditions and conduct of sponsorship should be based on the principle of good faith between all parties to the sponsorship. It is necessary to clarify the specific rights that are sold and to confirm that they are available for sponsorship by the rightholder. Sponsored parties should have every right to decide on the value of the sponsorship rights they offer and the suitability of the sponsor with whom they enter into a single contract. [4] The same applies to other parts of the world and, in some countries, it is necessary for a foreign manufacturer to designate as a representative a person or company possessing the nationality of the country in which the Agency will operate. Many States apply the rule of the same dignity according to which the agency contract must be in writing if the subsequent contract was necessarily written, such as. For example, a contract to purchase goods worth thousands of dollars. Manufacturers and suppliers of products often use agents who act on their behalf to promote sales both in the manufacturer`s home country and abroad.

As a rule, a formal agreement is signed that defines the commission received by the agent, the territory, the duration and other conditions under which the client and the agent jointly carry out transactions. . A representative must be distinguished from a trader – in the language of trading, a trader buys shares from the supplier or client and then resells them for a bonus to his clients, while an agent finds clients for the client, who then sells directly to clients and pays commissions to the agent. IEG forecasts that global sponsorship spending will increase by 4.5 percent in 2018 to $65.8 billion, including $24.2 billion in North America (up 4.5 percent from $24.1 billion in 2017). [7] With €26.44 million (USD 29 million), Europe is the largest source of sponsorship spending in the EU Member States alone in 2014[8] followed by North America, the Asia-Pacific region. . . .