Ohio State Energy Partners Concession Agreement

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The goal of a 25 percent improvement in the energy efficiency of buildings in 10 years has been included in the requirements of the Comprehensive Energy Management Project. The University of Iowa is entering into a 50-year partnership with its procurement system with ENGIE North America and Meridiam. UI is one of the first universities in the country to participate in a public-private partnership (P3). No, Ohio State will continue to source electricity and natural gas from competitive retail markets and regulated rates, as it has done for many years. The partnership will advise the university on its options for purchasing electricity and natural gas, including the eventual continuation of the implementation of wind, solar, geothermal and other technologies, but the state of Ohio retains the right to decide what type of energy should be purchased or which technology to install. The partnership is committed to using its energy supply skills to reduce the university`s electricity and natural gas costs. The Daily Iowan, Q&A: Bruce Harreld, President of the UI, talks about public-private partnership, climate crisis, SDGs, December 15, 2019 Benjamin Johnson, OSU`s director of media relations, wrote that the university also entered into a public-private partnership with its parking companies in 2012, which generated $483 million that the university invested in foundations supporting university initiatives. There are many opportunities to rethink how P3 cooperation between universities and private partners can make schools more robust and boost research and development, with schools serving as both research centres and testing environments for innovation by engineers, designers, financial investors and business parties. The key is to steer interests towards common goals, with a clear and fair allocation of risks and opportunities. ENGIE Services and Communications Workers of America (CWA) has entered into a collective agreement that maintains union representation for CWA employees who have accepted positions at ENGIE. A: For the initial investment, ENGIE receives a constant source of revenue from a very stable customer, whose energy consumption is expected to increase. A predictable long-term return is guaranteed to Axium`s investment fund.

Ohio State Energy Partners will implement an unprecedented energy efficiency program to achieve the university`s goal of sustainability in energy consumption. In the case of long-term concessions, the parties must reconcile the predictability of cash flows with the need for flexibility. Experimental technology can be discouraged if the question is, “Does the system work?” But innovative solutions should be encouraged within the framework of P3 concessions to say: “How does the system work?” Prior to the approval of the public-private partnership with Ohio State Energy Partners, the university announced on April 4, 2017 a presentation of the proposal to the university`s Senate. The Senate approved a resolution in support of the project, with 40 members in favour, 22 against and 14 abstentions. . . .